How can I test myself (without a doctor) if I’m allergic to something?



Hey! Want to learn how to do your own allergy test from home? 

The test is called ROAT which stands for Repeated Open Application Test.

It’s a fairly easy alternative to the Patch Test you can do from home.

If you have a new cream or aren’t sure, if a cream you have used before is triggering flare-ups mark a square in the crook of your arm. Simply apply the cream twice daily inside the square for a week. Leave it open, do not cover or occlude the test field.

If there is no reaction after the week, you´re safe to use the cream everywhere. If there is a rash or even small blisters, toss the cream! You are allergic to it or one of its components.

Looking forward to seeing you after your next (daily, weekly or monthly) check-up! 👀

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Action plan

✅ Now it’s your turn! Go ahead and try the ROAT… 😊


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