General Information about the NALA family:


Our vision at NALA is to empower 2 billion people worldwide that suffer from eczema (= “Neurodermitis”) and other chronic skin conditions to live a healthier & happier life.


We do this because both of our co-founders have very personal experiences with eczema themselves. Jerry had eczema during his childhood and youth and Spencer’s son is also affected by it. That’s why we understand the challenges that come with it and the patient as well as the parent journey very well.


We do this by providing the “digital therapeutic” (= AI- and App-based therapy) for people with chronic skin conditions. Our aim is to provide the fast-track to a happy skin by cutting the time from diagnosis to a happy skin from many years/decades to just a couple weeks with the help of AI.


At NALA you can expect a “no bla just do”, humble and yet fun work environment. You will be part of the NALA-family: a very young and driven team that is highly motivated to create real impact in the world.


  • Being able to shape NALA from the very beginning with your own ideas
  • No corporate approval processes; instead a getting-things-done mentality
  • One of the best environments to actually reach millions of patients and help them improve their health and, thus, their quality of life – we think there’s no better way to spend your (work-)life 🙂
  • A highly driven and energetic environment including a “move fast & break things” culture

REQUIREMENTS (independent of actual position)

  • A very user-focused working style, i.e. we make sure that we always put the user in the center and prioritize our strategies / roadmaps accordingly
  • Fluency in English (and German) with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion for growing products that users love
  • Strong problem solving skills and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done
  • Highly structured, thorough working style and getting-things-done attitude (we’re looking for doers!)
  • The ability to keep calm in turbulent, time-critical situations
  • Empathetic, visionary but still hands-on leader
  • Big plus 1) Having experience with a chronic skin condition yourself
  • Big plus 2) Having startup experience
  • Big plus 3) Having experience in the area of healthcare / digital health

Specifically due to the current COVID situation, we’re very flexible with regards to possible home-office / remote working set-ups.

Entrepreneur in Residence (Medical) – Internship
Founders Associate (Medical) – Internship
If you want to join us, please shoot us an email to [email protected]

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