Comprehensive Tracking

We enable you to better understand your skin by visually tracking it over time together with other information (nutrition, care, etc.) as well as your personal well-being. So we help you to get to know potential trigger factors for flare-ups as well as “silver bullets” that support your skin. 

360° Skin-Report

Based on the the tracking data and some external data sources, we provide a 360° report of you and your skin. This helps you to get the complete picture but also your doctor to really understand your skin and situation.

“Beyond-the-Pill” Therapy

We are strong believers of going „beyond the pill“ if it comes to therapy. That means, we should not just focus on medication (e.g. creme with cortisol) but should also include other elements like nutrition, movement, stress-coping mechanisms, sleep and other behaviors that also (scientifically-proven!) have an impact on your skin. We help you with all of this!

Hyper-personalized Therapy

We want to help you cutting corners — that means, based on “statistical twins“ and some Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning magic, we want to be able to tell you about the therapies that also worked for other people with the same skin / atopic dermatitis history. Without having to test through 100s of therapies & experts yourself which takes years and costs 10.000s of Euros. Bye bye expert-hopping, bye bye year-long therapy-testing.

Where does the name NALA come from?

“Nala is a fictional character who appears in Disney’s The Lion King franchise. Introduced in the animated film The Lion King in 1994 (…).Nala is introduced as the childhood best friend of Simba, and ultimately becomes his wife by the end of The Lion King. Several years after Simba’s uncle Scar has killed Simba’s father Mufasa and usurped the throne, Nala desperately ventures into the jungle to find help. Upon unexpectedly reuniting with a grown Simba, who she had long been tricked by Scar into presuming dead, Nala encourages him to return to Pride Rock, overthrow his uncle and ultimately become king.”

Does the story seem familiar to you? This quote stems from the Wikipedia page of the world famous children’s movie “The Lion King” (see:

And, with our NALA App, we also want to …

  • …be there for you like your best friend
  • …offer you help in the form of tools, know-how and the right supporters & experts
  • …be the encouraging voice for your skin when things are not going so well
  • …be as gentle and empathetic to exactly understand your individual situation

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