Do you or your child suffer from eczema?

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Why NALA? 💡

NALA has been created from eczema patients for eczema patients, together with experts from all important areas (e.g. dermatology, psychology, integrative medicine, sleep experts, nutritionists) — and, of course, based on the most recent scientific studies.

Couch instead of doctor hopping

Instead of having to spend years jumping from doctor to doctor, you can get our expert knowledge conveniently on your smartphone.

Artificial intelligence instead of trial and error

Instead of years of trial and error to find out your individual flare-ups and skin supporters, we can identify them for you directly via AI.

AI-powered, leading subject matter experts instead of family doctors

Instead of a family doctor, we offer you the knowledge of leading experts in dermatology, allergology, psychology, nutrition, etc., supported by “artificial intelligence”.

​How does NALA work?🤔

We want you (and your family) to spend your time on the things that really matter. Invest just 3 minutes a day and let NALA do all the rest of the work for your skin.

A very personal story

I’m Jerry, one of NALA’s co-founders and I had severe neurodermatitis as a child and teenager. In the picture you can see how I was bandaged so that the skin could heal over the night. So you see: we act from our own experience.

More about us.

…and what do our users say? 🙂

See what happy NALA users say about our app. We are really looking forward to your “Happy Skin” story.

“The support from NALA was not only incredibly helpful in the treatment of my child’s neurodermatitis – I not only gained a lot of new knowledge that led to a significant improvement in my child’s skin. Thanks to the digital report/health history, my doctor also took me much more seriously and took a lot more time for me. Simple and brilliant :-)”

Jennifer Mol

Mother of a child with neurodermatitis

“I came across the app some time ago and have been enthusiastic about this easy-to-use app and NALA’s vision ever since. Thanks to the app, in addition to flare-ups, I also discovered skin supports and am now getting along with my skin much better. The short inputs from experts in the form of videos and digital diary keeping contributed to this. I can highly recommend the app and am convinced that it will support many more people.”


Eczema patient

“Very great thing! It combats the existing operational blindness that has been built up over time. It also gives you a very good feeling because the recording shows you that there were also very good times that you otherwise ignore. In addition, the generated report makes connections clear that I had not previously recognized (despite intensively dealing with the disease). It helped me a lot in treating my child’s neurodermatitis!”

Claudia Schmidt

Mother of a child with eczema

“NALA and the report gave me particular confidence and optimism. I just realized how many good days there were and that there were significant improvements in my child’s eczema. It was also easier for me to collect clues that allowed me to draw conclusions about certain thrust triggers that we had not previously known about. All in all: incredibly helpful!”

Mandy Hoffman

Mother of a child with eczema

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