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Why NALA? 💡

NALA has been created from eczema patients for eczema patients, together with experts from all important areas (e.g. dermatology, psychology, integrative medicine, sleep experts, nutritionists) — and, of course, based on the most recent scientific studies.

Our experts show you in >60 videos how you can get to a happy skin through an integrative / holistic approach.

We help you to discover new skin supporters (= DOs) and trigger factors (= DONTs) for your skin.

Help your doctor to understand you much better by sending him your 360° skin report (PDF) with only one click.

…and much more: all through the NALA app and built in a way, that you will reach your happy skin in less than 3 minutes a day!

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Your timing is good. You’d be among the first 5000 NALA users who are getting the premium version completely for free — for a lifetime.

How does NALA work? 🤔

We want you (and your family) to spend your time on the things that really matter. Spend 3 minutes per day and let NALA take over all the other work around your skin.

Our very personal story:

Jerry, one of the co-founders of NALA, was suffering from severe atopic dermatitis himself during his childhood and youth. On the picture you can see him being bandaged to allow his skin to rest and recover during the night. So as you can see: we know what we are talking about.

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But don’t just take our word… 🙂

Read the stories of some of our users. We’re looking forward to hear yours.

“NALA is a great thing to have! Together with me, NALA looks at the aspects of atopic dermatitis that I couldn’t see due to not knowing about it or simply due to my routines which are the same every day… it just gives us a really good feeling that you can see through the tracking and the reports that there have been really good times as well — that was really giving us a lot of strength and hope.”

Claudia Schmidt

Mother of a child with eczema

“This digital companion was not only incredibly helpful in treating the atopic dermatitis of my child — we also collected loads of new insights which lead to a significant improvement in the skin of my child. My doctor was taking me way more serious when I showed him the printed report and development of the skin over time, so he took way more time for talking to us than they previous times. Simple and amazing.”

Jennifer Mol

Mother of a child with eczema

“NALA and the digital report gave me a lot of optimism and confidence. I was able to recognize that there are even very good days with significant improvements of the atopic dermatitis of my baby. Furthermore, it was easier for me to collect evidence over time that allowed me to discover new trigger-factors, that we did not know before. That was really surprising! All in all: very, very helpful!”

Mandy Hoffman

Mother of a child with eczema

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