Your fast-track to a happy skin

NALA is the digital therapy app that is based on the evidence-based medical research in the field of chronic skin conditions. NALA essentially digitizes the official therapy guideline, extends it by scientifically proven tools to improve the skin and enables everything through “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

Eczema training

Our experts show you in > 60 videos how you can get to a happy skin through an integrative / holistic approach.

This module is characterized by the fact that we offer a holistic, 360° training with the help of doctors from all specialties (dermatologists, psychodermatologists, psychologists, nutritionists, sleep-experts, holistic / integrative medical professionals, alternative practitioners, etc.) We cover all topics from skin care, medication, nutrition, exercise, stress management / psyche, sleep, etc.. — all based on the latest scientific findings, of course.


We help you to discover skin supporters (= DOs) and trigger factors (= DONTs) for your skin that you have not discovered yet.

We are able to see what happens on the days when your skin is at its best and worst. That’s why we are able to identify patterns that you haven’t recognized yet — i.e., “trigger factors” that cause rashes (= DONTs) as well as “skin supporters” that contribute to better skin health (= DOs). Our personalized approach is based on “artificial intelligence” (AI) and machine learning methods. This allows us to design personalized therapy plans for our users that can be implemented 1:1 in everyday life.

Skin Report (PDF)

Help your doctor to understand you and your skin even better by creating a compact, visually sophisticated skin report with just one click.

Based on your personal skin profile, your diary, photos and new findings about your skin, NALA is able to create a very visually appealing skin report. Your entire skin profile can be summarized in an 8-page PDF file and shared with your doctor.

… and much more:

everything in just one app. Designed to help you reach a happy skin in just 3 minutes a day.

To summarize, we offer you a comprehensive, holistic eczema training, the ability to track your skin and habits over time, and to identify previously unrecognized DOs and DONTs for your skin. Enjoy!

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