10 Ways to Reduce Eczema Symptoms and Be Relieved From Flare-Ups


If you are suffering from eczema, it is most likely that you want instant relief from flare-ups and for the symptoms to be reduced. There are times when you need complementary treatments to add to the prescribed medication from your doctor. Here are some of the ways you can get instant relief and reduced symptoms naturally.

1. Get some rest and relaxation

Stress and anxiety can increase your chances of having a flare-up. The tension you feel from the production of cortisol in your body leads to immune system malfunction and skin inflammation. Getting enough rest, managing stress, and relaxing can help ease this problem. Relaxation through meditation is said to have proven effective in reducing inflammation and itching. You can look at some meditation apps and start relaxing.

2. Use coconut oil

Aside from acting as a moisturizer, coconut oil also has lauric acid that contains antimicrobial properties. This helps your skin be protected from bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can cause infection. Make sure you choose virgin coconut oil or cold-pressed coconut oil for your skin. These are pure and chemical-free. Find out a detailed explanation of how to use coconut oil here

3. Use a humidifier

If you are staying indoors, dry air from cold weather can remove the skin’s natural moisture. Using a humidifier can keep the air moist inside the house and prevent your skin from getting dry. You can have more than one and place it in rooms where you spend most of your time. Don’t forget to check what type of humidifier will work for you best.

4. Wear comfortable clothing

Soft fabrics like those made of cotton are gentle on the skin. Avoid wearing those that feel rough, itchy, or scratchy like wool. If you need to wear them, make sure you have something comfortable underneath for protection. Avoid tight clothes as well. Too much contact on the skin might cause unnecessary scratching, itching, or pain.

5. Use wet wraps

Wet wraps are very useful during flare-ups because it can help hydrate the skin more to reduce dryness and itching. To use this, just follow these steps:

→ Wrap a warm or slightly damp cloth or gauze around the affected area after bathing and moisturizing.

→ Wear a comfortable layer of clothes over it.

→ Leave it on for several hours or even overnight to get the maximum absorption of the moisture.

Find out more details about wet wraps here.

6. Stay cool

Sweat is the most common source of itching. Make sure you always stay cool and sweat-free. Wear cotton and loose clothes and avoid getting too warm during cold seasons. Also, avoid doing too many strenuous activities that may cause excessive sweating. Here are more ways to keep your cool during hot seasons.

7. Do not scratch

When you start to scratch your dry and irritated skin, it can get worse. If meditating the itch away is not that effective for you, you can go for anti-itch creams or sprays that you can purchase over-the-counter such as those that can be found here. Anti-itch medications that do not  require you to touch  your skin are much better in fighting the urge to scratch. Alternatively, you can wear cotton gloves at night when you tend to scratch accidentally while sleeping. Choose from a variety of cotton gloves here.

8. Go for a lukewarm bath

While hot baths sound relaxing especially during cold seasons, hot water is not good for eczema. It can irritate the skin even more. You can go for warm or lukewarm water instead. You can choose from a variety of good bath products here. After bathing, make sure you pat yourself dry instead of rubbing to avoid inflaming the skin. Then use your go-to moisturizer.

9. Moisturize frequently

Speaking of moisturizers, hydrating the skin can help ease and prevent the dryness of the skin. Without dryness, there is no itching. It also acts as a protective barrier to shield your skin from possible irritants around you. Choose thick moisturizers or creams and avoid the ones with fragrance. Put it on after patting yourself dry from bathing and reapply as needed during the rest of the day. You can look at this list to help you choose.

10. Use gentle body cleansers

When bathing, make sure you are using a mild and gentle body wash. Avoid those that contain too many bubbles, chemicals, fragrances, and artificial colors. Choosing the right type of body cleanser for your skin condition such as these in the list will prevent irritation.

Final thoughts

While there is no guarantee that the eczema will be completely gone, all the tips to reduce the symptoms and relieve flare-ups are effective in managing this skin condition. The key is finding the right tip for you and making sure you follow that. If your skin condition still has no improvement or the itching is causing discomfort, affects your daily activities and sleep, new symptoms appear, flare-ups worsen, symptoms spreading to more parts of the body, and infections appear, it is time to go to your doctor.

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