What are the optima levels per vitamin and mineral for a happy skin?


Video transcription

So, and importantly, I’ve said it several times: the blood level is really very, very important. And with vitamin D, I just don’t want to have the normal range of 50 to 100 nano-moles, but I want 100 to 150. Unfortunately, with vitamin D, another unit is often measured: 40 to 60 nano-grams. Can be done, but that would be my optimal dose. Most labs have a standard above 20, which is way, way too low. Those are my optimal values. Please look at whether you measured nano-moles or nano-grams. We want to have the optimum values. I don’t want to have selenium in the normal range. The normal range of the laboratories is wrong. It usually goes something like 60-120 or 90-150; depending on whether you measure that in whole blood or serum. And I want to have values just above the upper normal limit. So you look at your value and most of them are in the normal range; and then we would have to do a little bit more to get just above the normal limit. Zinc: mid to high normal range. I don’t need to be above the normal range there. So if someone has normal range already, then I don’t give him that at all. If he is at the lower normal limit or even deficient, then I give him something that can then really reach the medium to high normal range. Selenium and zinc — very, very important: not with food, but at least half an hour before eating or three hours after. Or right before bedtime, if you haven’t taken anything since dinner. These trace minerals must be taken strictly fasting. They really are practically not absorbed. I see mistakes all the time. Selenium and zinc please do not take together either; they interfere with each other’s absorption. (Except I have special compounds that do not interfere. At the bottom of the description I have a combination preparation, that is a compound that does not interfere. That can be taken together). And for the fatty acids, I just want to aim for an AA/EPA ratio of 2.5 or even below in the fatty acid analysis. So, if we have all of that in the optimal range: Vitamin D, selenium, zinc, AA/EPA quotient and if GLA should also be deficient due to an enzyme defect, that has also come in okay. Then we really have a very good chance that we can significantly improve or even cure neurodermatitis.

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