Good to have you back.🙃

Today, we want to talk with you about how to detect eczema/atopic dermatitis — and what “signals” doctors use to determine this skin condition. 💡

Among those are for instance:

1) Sublid-fold (“Dennie Morgan fold”) 👁️ > A double fold right below the sublid of the eyes.

2) Hyperlinearity of the hands 🤲🏻 > An increased amount of “wrinkles” / lines on the hands.

3) White dermographism 📏 > When scratching the skin white lines appear (instead of usually red ones).

4) Facial paleness 👨🏻‍🦳 > The face is usually a little bit paler than usual.

5) Dark eyeshadow 🥱 > The circles around the eyes are darker than usual. 

6) Sign of Hertoghe 👀 > The eye brows on the sides are missing or at least less dense.

It’s important to know that this is nothing bad and can also have positive side effects — e.g. you don’t have to get your eyebrows cut due to too much hair growth. 💪🏻 

Those signs usually just serve for the doctor to diagnose eczema / atopic dermatitis correctly. 🔎

Looking forward to seeing you after your next (daily, weekly or monthly) check-up! 👀



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