Good to see you again!🙃

In today’s lessons, we would like to tell you a couple interesting facts about the root causes of eczema. ℹ️

The most impactful root cause are genetic predisposition that impact:

1) The skin barrier is genetically altered so that the skin loses water more easily and let’s in irritants, allergens and microbes more easily which leads to the inflammatory reaction of the skin. 🚧

2) The skin itself functions differently than “normal” skin as certain lipids, genes and processes are altered which leads to dryer, flaky skin that’s more prone for bacterial or virus infections. 🦠

However, all of this can be mitigated and coped with with the right strategies that we will talk about in the next lessons. 👩🏼‍⚕️

Looking forward to seeing you after your next (daily, weekly or monthly) check-up! 👀



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